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Left wing, radical, anarchist, vegan, atheist, environmentalist, feminist, activist revolutionary.

Anti-corporate, anti-war, anti-prison industrial complex, anti-death penalty, anti-military industrial complex.

Pro-gay rights, pro-choice, pro-human rights, pro-equal rights, pro-civil liberties.

Anti-fascist police state, anti-oligarchy, anti-plutocracy, anti-corpocracy.

A Republican’s bad dream.

Obama mic checked. Protesters attempted to bring up all of the peaceful protesters that have been arrested, but they were shouted down by Obama supporters. 

This is so disappointing. The protesters were bringing up something important to the POTUS, and the other people there started shouting over them with some type of high school cheer “fired up, ready to go”, and then boos, and then they started chanting “Obama”. And then Obama just went on with his prepared speech, talking about drinking coffee with a teacher, and the rest of his scripted rhetoric that was written for him; which I guess is what the people wanted to hear.

God forbid, we get a real reaction out of the man. God forbid he goes of off the teleprompter. 

I’ve already seen people talking about how well he handled it. No, he didn’t. He should have told the people who were shouting down the OWS people to be quiet so that he could hear what they had to say. And then addressed the points that the protesters brought up. *That* would have been handling it well.

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    Wow, it’s amazing to see/hear people with the balls to pull off that kind act on the President, now if more people could...
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    Obama mic-checked by Occupy NH
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    "I’ll make my point and you make yours." God forbid we actually talk to each other.
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    Try to wipe that empty smile off your face, Mr. President. It doesn’t look good on you at a time like this. Then again,...
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    The general consensus (That I see) when speaking with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors is that the general...
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    yes to all points.
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